Millennials are soon to be the largest demographic in the workforce, and with more jobs available than workers to fill the positions, it is more important than ever for corporations to adapt to these changing trends.

Gen Loyal’s work is dedicated to helping large corporations connect with their millennial employees to build a profitable workforce of ambitious forward-thinkers and action takers.

We help you to develop a clear plan to attract, retain, and engage their top performing millennial employees to ensure that your organization: 

  • Reduce millennial employee turnover rate in your organization
  • Increase employee productivity by further engaging your employees to their work 
  • Increase millennial employees’ loyalty towards the organization
  • Minimize HR costs minimal by minimizing talent drain possibilities

Our services are designed for medium-large organizations that are focused on retaining top millennial talents within their organizations. We only work with businesses that share our passion for continuous improvement, sustainability, conscious capitalism and consistent improvement. 

Having Gen Loyal team as your consultants mean insights directly from the source and access to experience of working with over 250 organizations of various sizes (and sectors). 

In working with our clients, we follow our EIM-3™ method. This 3 phase method allows us to develop a customized action plan to attract, retain, and engage their top performing millennial employees for long term success.


Phase 1: Excavation

Before modifying current retention strategies, we need to have a clear understanding of what your millennial employees are thinking. We conduct research to see the gap between what the workplace needs to have in order to encourage them to remain as loyal employees and what the workplace is providing.

Once the results are in, we conduct both quantitative and qualitative analysis. The analysis of these results will allow us to identify the aspects that are already working well and should be enhanced– while excavating the exact factors that could create talent drain within your organization.

Phase 2: Implementation

Based on the analysis from the previous phase and the general direction of the strategy we come up with, we equip you with actionable strategies, roadmap and the knowledge you need to best implement the strategy.

The custom strategy we create will encompass all the essential aspects from our CERE™ framework, our proprietary framework designed to help businesses minimize talent drain and increase employee loyalty– while positioning the organization as a “best place to work for” amongst top millennial talents.

Phase 3: Monitoring

The work doesn’t end when a custom strategy and implementation plan is created. In fact, that is when the real work begins. 

Once we’re at this phase, we circle through the RAP-M™ cycle to ensure that the strategy is fully implemented and course correct if there are ever any issues. We also ensure that the organization’s talent acquisition and retention strategy is aligned with the CERE™ framework at all times.


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